Tsurumi 2″ Electric Submersible Trash Pump


This efficient and durable trash pump is designed to easily pump sand, solids, and debris with minimal wear and clogging. The Tsurumi HS2.4S Sump Pump has a built-in shaft mounted agitator that can handle various solids when pumping. The pump comes with one 50′ discharge hose and extras can be added for a cost.  We also supply power sources for your projects, for a reliable Tsurumi generator, contact us today.

Dimensions & Specifications

-Discharge Bore: 2 inch
– HP: 12
– Available with 110V or 220V (Please note voltage when ordering.)
-Weight: 25 lbs
-Cable Length – 32 ft
-Height:12 1516 inches
-Diameter: 10 116 inches
-C.W.L: 3 ½ inches

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