Terex 4000 Watt Light Tower


The Terex RL4 is a durable, cost effective solution for jobsite lighting. The 23 ft (7.13 m) extended-height floodlight tower provides 4,000 Watts of light. 359º non-continuous tower rotation allows for pinpoint light positioning.

Dimensions & Specifications

Lamps Metal halide 4 x 1,000 W

Generator Brushless 60 Hz,

6.0 kW Engine Kohler Diesel 10.7 hp Receptacles One GFI duplex 20 A / 120 V

Fuel capacity 45 gal (170 L)

Wheel size 13 in (33 cm)

Axle rating 2,200 lbs (997 kg)

Tongue weight travel position 199 lbs (90 kg)

Total weight no fuel 1,461 lbs (663 kg)


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