Bed Edger / Slit Trencher


  • Positive steering mechanism provides appealing and smooth curves
  • Up to 30 feet per minute, depending on soil conditions
  • Will produce a savings of 50% to 80% on time and labor
  • Interchangeable rotors provide unmatched versatility for a variety of operations
  • Neatly piles excavated dirt in an easy to back-fill pile right next to the trench
  • The control of the excavated dirt results in minimal turf damage and less clean-up time

Dimensions & Specifications

Depth 2 or 5 inches
Width 1/2 – 9 inches
Drive Double Belt and Pulley System
Weight 170 lbs.
Wheels Steel with Pneumatic Tires
Rate Bed Edging: 10 to 30 ft per minute
Trencing: 7 to 30 ft per minute

Equipment Uses

Best used for lawn and garden edging and digging small, shallow trenches.



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