Carlton 12″ Brush Chipper


The J.P. Carlton Model 1712 Wood Chipper provides an ideal balance of capacity, economy, and portability. At just 5400 pounds the 1712 is easily towable by smaller chip trucks. The lightweight and compact size of the 1712 makes it highly maneuverable in tight places.

Dimensions and Specifications

Weight5360 Pounds
Length186 inches
Height93 inches
Tires215/75R17.5 Ld Rng H 4805 Pd @ 125PSI
AxleDexter Torflex 7,000 Pound Cap
BrakesElectric with Breakaway Switch
HitchFive Inch Height Adjustable Pintle
Fuel Capacity40 Gallons
Battery29HVD 650 CCA
Jack Stand7000 # Cap Screw Type Swing Up

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