Carlton 35hp Stump Grinder


The SP5014 series is a four-wheeled self-propelled unit designed to deliver maximum cutting power in hard to get to areas. A unique dual speed ground system allows the SP5014 to travel faster than any other stump cutter on the market today.

The unit also boasts a 1 1/4-inch thick, 21-inch diameter cutting wheel, letting you grind faster and smoother than ever before. The SP5014 Stump Cutter features heavy-duty construction (1,650 pounds), hydraulic steering and four-wheel stance. This combination offers unmatched stability and maneuverability.

Dimensions & Specifications

Engine 35 HP Vanguard Big Block 993 CC
Cutter depth below ground 14″
Cutter height above ground 34″
Cutter head swing 50″
Tongue extension 30″
Cutter wheel thickness 1 1/4″
Number of teeth on cutter wheel 36 Razor Teeth
Type of Cutter Teeth Hard Micro Structure Carbide
Jack shaft bearings 1 11/16″
Cutter wheel bearings 1 11/16″
Chip containment volume 16 cu. ft.
Fuel tank capacity 10 gallons
Hydraulic tank capacity 4 gallons
Ground Pressure 8.6 PSI
Tire size 5.7 x 8
Machine width 48″ with duals – Wide Stance
35″ – Narrow Stance
Machine height 58″
Machine length 108″
Total weight 1650 lbs.

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