Carlton 6″ Brush Chipper


The J.P. Carlton 1260 Wood Chipper is an extremely versatile machine. The 1260 is the perfect answer for trimming and pruning crews who aren’t doing the large takedowns, or for crews who load or split their big wood. With its 12″ x 6″ throat opening, dual top and bottom feed rollers, and high torque feed motors, the J.P. Carlton 1260 will out perform any other 6″ capacity machine on the market.

Equipment Uses

Weight 3000 Pounds
Length 132 inches
Height 89 inches
Tires 205/75R14 Ld Rng C 1760 # @ 50 PSI
Axle Dexter Torflex 3.500 Pound Cap
Brakes Electric Available as Option
Hitch Five Inch Height Adjustable 2″ Bulldog
Fuel Capacity 12 Gallons
Battery 29HVD 650 CCA
Jack Stand 7000 # Cap Screw Type Swing Up

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