7′ Heavy Duty Trash Hopper


The heavy duty forklift trash hopper is OSHA approved and can be used to safely remove trash around your job site. No more need for the makeshift plywood attachment that you get in trouble for.

  • Fits most all forklifts – slip on forks design.
  • Fork Pockets accept forks up to: 2 ¾” thick x 7 wide x 60″ long.
  • Attaches fast and easy to forklift with simple pin locking system.

Dimensions and Specifications

Size 7′ w x 4′ h x 5′ d
Empty Weight 1025 lbs.
Maximum Load Cap. 5,000 lbs.
Volume 5.0 yd³

General Uses

  • General Jobsite trash handling
  • Drop from masonry Saw brick & block cutting.
  • Rehab Projects
  • Re-roofing Jobs


Trash Hopper Attachment

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