Forklift Attachment – Man-Basket, 8′


The 8′ wide forklift man-basket can be used on any of our rough terrain forklifts.

Dimensions & Specifications

Full Perimeter Guardrail System constructed of 1½” square steel tubing and consisting of a 42” high top rail, a mid rail, and 5½” high integral toe boards. Access gates are provided at each end with spring hinges and spring loaded latches for added safety.

The “Universal Fit” Slip-On-Forks design can be used with both Extendable Reach and Straight Mast forklifts. Forks slide into steel fork pockets and are secured with two heavy duty steel pins behind the heel of the forks. They are designed for use with a 48” or wider carriage and accept 48” long forks up to 7” wide and 2¾” thick. Forks longer than 48” can be used, however, they will extend out past the front of the platform.

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