Airrex HSC 14 – 1.2 Ton Spot Cooler


Airrex spot coolers operate in air temperatures from 65°F to 113°F. These air conditioners utilize eco-friendly 410A refrigerant. Airrex spot cooler air conditioners may require a fresh air supply for proper operation. Moves easily on swivel casters (2 locking). This air conditioner has 13,600 BTU cooling feature with two 5″ diameter front cold air discharge nozzles and has a 12″ diameter top warm air discharge.

Optional Warm Air Duct includes 8’L ducting and a 2 x 2 ceiling flange for warm air exhausting.
Optional Condensate Pump that plugs directly into the portable air conditioner to discharge directly into a drain.

Dimensions & Specifications

Cooling Capacity 13,600
Heating Capacity N/A
Voltage 115V
Power Supply 1ph 115V 60Hz
W x D x H 19.3 X 23.6 X 46.8
Weight 176
Current Consumption (AMPS) 13
Circuit Breaker Size (AMPS) 15
Rated Power Consumption 1.5
Amp Rating 1.5
Compressor Input 1.13
Air Flow (CFM, High/Low) Evaporator 440/380
Static Pressure 0.042
Power Cord Plug Type
Power Cord Length 9’8″
Operating Conditions 65°F 60%RH – 113°F 40%RH
Nema Plug 5-15
Electric Heat(Optional) N/A
Noise Level (decibel 1M) 60
Moisture Removal Max (Gal/h) 0.55

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