Airrex HSC 60 – 5 Ton Spot Cooler


Airrex spot coolers operate in air temperatures from 68°F to 113°F. These air conditioners utilize eco-friendly 410A refrigerant. Airrex spot cooler air conditioners may require a fresh air supply for proper operation. Moves easily on swivel casters (2 locking) and has a built-in condensate pump. This air conditioner has 60,000 BTU cooling feature with two 7″ diameter front cold air discharge nozzles and has a 16″ diameter top warm air discharge.

Optional Warm Air Duct includes 8’L ducting and a 2’ x 2’ ceiling flange for warm air exhausting.

Dimensions & Specifications

Cooling Capacity 60,000
Heating Capacity N/A
Voltage 220V/3
Power Supply 3 ph 220V 60Hz
W x D x H 29.1 X 55.1 X 58.7
Weight 550
Current Consumption (AMPS) 23.5 (3Ph/220V)
Circuit Breaker Size (AMPS) 30
Rated Power Consumption 90/10.4 (480V)
Amp Rating 10.4
Compressor Input 5.6
Air Flow (CFM, High/Low) Evaporator 1,940
Static Pressure 710
Power Cord Designed for Hardware
Power Cord Length Terminal Type (optional sales)
Operating Conditions 68°F DB 60%RH – 113°F DB 40%RH
Nema Plug Designed for Hardware
Electric Heat(Optional) N/A
Noise Level (decibel 1M) 70
Moisture Removal Max (Gal/h) 2.90

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