Electric Walk-Behind Concrete Buggy


This overbuilt industrial-grade buggy is perfect for hauling all kinds of materials. From construction debris and ready-mix concrete to animal feed and soil, the MCE400 can carry it all.

Dimensions & Specifications

Operational specs
287 pounds

Max. Payload
880 Pounds

16 Cubic Feet

Operating time
8 – 10 hours

Working speed
0 – 4 mph forward, progressively adjustable

0 – 3 mph backward, progressively adjustable

Equipment Uses

Why Use Battery Power On Your Jobs?
– More cost effective over time – no fuel costs
– Prevents rising fuel costs from eroding your margins
– Quieter, which makes them safer to be around
– No fumes – allows you to work in occupied spaces
– Renewable energy and no emissions means eco responsible
– Meets OSHA standards for indoor work
– Less maintenance than fossil-fuel-powered equipment


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