Soda Works Sodablaster


The Buster Blaster 100 is the only true Soda Blaster. It operates using a patented, self-cleaning venturi that requires little or no maintenance. The venturi combined with the metering system in the Buster Blaster soda blaster virtually eliminates downtime because of clogged lines and will deliver a precise and even flow of the blasting medium (Natrium Soda Blasting Medium) so you can complete your work on-time and on budget. A properly adjusted Buster Blaster soda blaster will reduce your use of soda by 20% and still have better on-the-job performance than any modified Sand Blaster.

The Buster Blaster model 100 soda blaster has a capacity of 100 lbs. of Natrium Soda— that’s two bags.

Dimensions & Specifications

Package Includes:

  • BB-100 Soda Blasting Pot
  • Cooler/Drier Package
  • 50 Feet of Blast Hose
  • 50 feet of Electric control line
  • 12 Volt Electric/Air rotary shut off valve or pneumatic pinch valve

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