Teupen TL54AJ Electric “Atrium” Lift


The TL54AJ represents the ultimate in applications for “single door” compact lifts. With the independently operated jib, we add three additional feet of height and outreach. The TL54AJ is Teupen’s largest lift capable of access through standard-sized single doorways (30″).  The TL54AJ is equipped with a lithium ion battery system for those tough interior-only projects.
Other Features:
  • 440 lbs. unrestricted basket capacity
  • Set up on slopes up to 21%
  • Less than 75 psf. in work position
  • Automatic, self-leveling outriggers

Dimensions and Specifications

Platform Height53ft 6in
Working Height59ft 6in
Lateral Reach27ft 11in
Machine Width2ft 9in
Machine Height6ft 6in
Machine Weight5,401 lbs

General Uses

  • Interior work with little access
  • Government/Specialty Jobs
  • Atrium’s of hotels and large buildings
  • Exterior tree work with rough terrain


Product Brochure

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